Pocket Bloomers® Railing Planters Outfits Your Plants Deserve

A few months after I named my railing planter, Pocket Bloomers®, I realized that there aren't any planters that I know of (perhaps you know of some) that have their own name!

I've seen the company names on a planter, or a name for the type of planter, but I didn't come across an actual name for a planter like Pocket Bloomers.

That made my planter unique!

Then, as I was planting the Pocket Bloomers®, it suddenly came to me that I was giving the plants and flowers outfits!  

In other words, Pocket Bloomers® are enhancing the natural beauty of the plant, succulent, flower or herb. 

They can contrast the flower like a purple flower in a Red with White Polka Dot Pocket Bloomer™®
Red with white polka dots Railing Planter
Or, they can help the flower to stand out like this awesome Rose Gold Pocket Bloomer™ with small lavender flowers.
Rose Gold material with lavender flowers railing planter

 With this quirky idea of outfits for plants and flowers, I created a     campaign based on Outfits Your Plants and Flowers Deserve!  I   even had a cartoon character created in honor of the campaign.

Cartoon character for outfits your plants deserve railing planters


 So, when you shop for your Pocket Bloomers® and you are trying to decide which one to get, you might want to match the pocket bloomer colors to plants and flowers in your local nursery.  Then, you can see which one would fit best for where you want to put the Pocket Bloomer®.

One more thing, I found that one Pocket Bloomer® is a lonely Pocket Bloomer.™  Three is really good, but four is a Pocket Bloomer® Garden.

Create your own ideas of what plants, flowers, succulents and herbs work best for the Pocket Bloomer®.  Then, you can go shopping for your railing garden!

Next, how do you care for the Pocket Bloomer®?

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