Pocket Bloomer's Poinsettia Railing Planter for Xmas season

Pocket Bloomers®, Railing Palnters and Mini Poinsettias

Hello!  I ran across something today that might interest you.  It's planting mini Poinsettias in a Pocket Bloomer® and then hanging it on your railing.

I usually see Poinsettias in a taller, bigger form at the nurseries.  Today, I went to the local Home Depot and found these mini Poinsettias.  Now, these guys may have been around a long time and I never noticed them, but today, I did see them! 

I paired them up with our Rose Gold Pocket Bloomer® and put two in each bag.  First, I put the required amount of dirt in each bag, then planted the Poinsettias.  I watered them after they were planted and hopefully, they will love their new home and thrive, at least for the Xmas season.

By the way, I use Miracle-Gro potting soil that protects from over and under watering.  Of course, if you don't water the plant, then the soil can only help for so long before the plant gives up and dies.  So, you do need to water.

However, not being a gardener or landscaper, I just plant and water as directed.  When I just do that, I look like I've got a green thumb, when I really didn't do any more than just water...

I'm going to plant a second group of Poinsettias in a Beige Pocket Bloomer®.  I'm thinking that the plain Pocket Bloomers® will be the best ones to use because the Poinsettia gets to take command of the railing planter!

You can see all the choices of Pocket Bloomers® at my website - www.pocketbloomers.com.  When you get one and plant a Poinsettia in it, take a picture and send it to me.  I'd love to see how it works for you!

Doug Daniloff, Pocket Bloomers, LLC


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