The Beginning of Pocket Bloomers® - Designer Railing Planters

The Beginning of Pocket Bloomers® - Designer Railing Planters

Hello and welcome to Pocket Bloomers®!

Pocket Bloomers® is a brand new design of a railing planter.  It was in 2016 that a friend was making a saddlebag planter for her deck railings from an arts and crafts book. 

I saw it and immediately envisioned them to be hanging from balconies and decks all over the world. We collaborated on the improvement of the saddlebag and I came up with the name, Pocket Bloomers®.  

I had never known how to sew and after fussing around with a normal sewing machine that couldn't do the job right, I graduated to an industrial sized machine called Typical. I learned to sew Pocket Bloomers® and became an advanced novice in a few weeks.  I made around 30 to 40 Pocket Bloomers® over a two month period.


In early 2017, the idea died out and it wasn't until Jan 2021 that the idea of Pocket Bloomers® was revitalized when another friend suggested that I sell them on Amazon.  Well, soon, but not right now. 

Now, I am selling Pocket Bloomers™®in boutique stores, at local markets and even from my house.

But, I have inquiries from QVC and another manufacturing company in Mexico to get Pocket Bloomers® produced in volume and sold to a very demanding public. I have never run into anyone that didn't like Pocket Bloomers®.  It seems to lift a person's spirit when they see them.

I'll have more to say about Pocket Bloomers®, but for now, I wanted to introduce my product and myself. 

My name is Doug Daniloff and if you email me at, I will answer you as quickly as I can.  I'm very interested in what you think about Pocket Bloomers®. 

Take a look around the website and see which ones you like, then let me know.

I have several variations of Pocket Bloomers® coming out in the near future so stay tuned for more information about those products.

I'll talk to you again soon, or I will have someone more talented with plants give you some advice on planting Pocket Bloomers®. 

For now, here we are and I hope you enjoy our new product, Pocket Bloomers®!

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Another selling point for me is that in the South, our weather in Zone 8, can be warm one day and 20 degrees colder the next day. I can move this planter off the rail and bring it inside if we have a frost!


Adorable…very clever

Adrienne Lutz

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