Pocket Bloomers® - Designer Railing Planter Parts

Pocket Bloomers® - Designer Railing Planter Parts

I get a lot of compliments about how cute my Pocket Bloomers® are.  

I think it's important too to find out what these railing planters are made of so that you have knowledge and security when it comes to having them hanging on your patio, balcony or deck railing with herbs, flowers or succulents in them.

The patterned material is made out of 'oilcloth'.  It's an old name for the cloth, but it's not really oilcloth.  

Oilcloth material used to make Pocket Bloomer railing planters


 The origin of oilcloth happened in the 18th century when it was used   as an inexpensive floor and roof covering.  Linen was coated with a     sizing solution (sizing is used by artists and painters to prepare paper   and textile surfaces for some art techniques) and rubbed with a   pumice block to smooth it out.

Now, the coating is with PVC, what pipes are made of in modern homes.  They are completely safe.  I researched the oilcloth that I have and it is safe.  It has no phthalates, which are toxic.  The company, Oplex, is endorsed by Bureau Veritas which verifies the standards of the company. 

So, you are safe with this material.

The water is drained by rustproof grommets on the bottom of each bag. There are two per bag with two bags per Pocket Bloomer®.

Rust proof grommets to drain water on a railing planter     Highly durable thread to sew the railing planter

The thread is very durable and is the kind used to sew sails on sailboats.

Safety and durability are the points that are very important to me. Having beautiful colors makes the Pocket Bloomer® something that will   look beautiful and last a long time.

Next, I'm going to tell you how to make picking out your Pocket Bloomer® even more fun!

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