Spring 2024 Sale

You can buy our best Pocket Bloomers for a limited time at wholesale prices. Buy any two Pocket Bloomers for $40 for the pair.  That's a 33% discount off the regular price of $60 for the pair. Going on now for a limited time.  

Blue Floral

Our Blue Floral Pocket Bloomer® is one of our most popular. It gives you the appearance of porcelin china. WIth the right plants and flowers, it will create an impact for the viewer. People that buy these, love them!

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White With Red/Blue Stars

While this one is very pretty, it's also patriotic. As you can see, several different colored flowers work very well with this Pocket Bloomer®. What a great addition to the railing and it's easy to plant and move. Buy this one and express yourself!

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Blue Gingham

Many of our customers love the Blue Gingham Pocket Bloomer®. It is fun to find the right colors that work with this Pocket Bloomer. When you put it on the railing, it can be a bouquet of plants and flowers. Get a number of these and put them in a row. Your garden will look incredible!

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White with Black Dots

If you love polka dots, you'll love this Pocket Bloomer®. With this one, you have lots of options to pick the right plants and flowers that can create a beautiful contrast of colors. Select this one and you will not go wrong!

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This one is our most popular Pocket Bloomer®. Yellow flowers and white flowers are perfect for this one. The colorful Pocket Bloomer with the right beautiful flowers makes this one a perfect gift.

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Red with White Dots

Once again, if you love polka dots, you'll love this Pocket Bloomer®. Red goes with red and white so well that it's really a no-brainer with this Pocket Bloomer. Just look at how beautiful this one is!

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White Floral

This one reminds me of a cute cottage that is loaded with plants and flowers in the yard. You can go with a number of different colored flowers and plants that will add to this beautiful Pocket Bloomer.

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