Recent Developments With Pocket Bloomers®

Wow!  It's been quite a while since my last blog post.  

I keep showing people Pocket Bloomers® every chance I get and they keep loving them.  I was recently at the Florida State Fair where hundreds of people passed by my booth to see Pocket Bloomers®.  Some had come back from last year's Fair. 

My point here is that as a brand new product, Pocket Bloomers® is starting to catch on.  I

'm going to show you a picture from a customer in Oklahoma that has Pocket Bloomers® on her railing.  Frankly, they look beautiful!  Let me know what questions you have about Pocket Bloomers® and I will give you the answer. 

Here's to an amazing Spring 2023!

Here's one of my dog, Samson!

Talk to you again soon!  Doug

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